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Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2, new Mijia smart lamp and sensing night light launched


Today Xiaomi launched some amazing smart home appliances. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2, the Mijia Smart Light Sensing night light and the Mijia Smart Charging desk lamp. They all take the appearance of the models of the previous generation but at the same time bring noticeable improvements.

Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2

The new product adopts 7-shaped open handle design. This shortens the distance between lowering the kettle and pressing the switch, which makes the operation more convenient. The handle adopts a rounded line design, which makes the hand more comfortable and saves the effort of pouring water.

Compared to the previous Xiaomi smart kettle, the capacity of the second generation model has increased from 1.5L to 1.7L, which can boil 8 cups of water at a time. So now it easily meets the drinking needs of the whole family without boiling frequently.

The new product adopts double-layer structure inside and outside to form an intermediate insulation layer to prevent accidental burns. The inner tank is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. It has a one-piece structure that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and is more convenient to clean.

In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2 comes with a high power 1800W heating frame. It can shorten the boiling time of 1500W electric kettles by 2 minutes.

On the security side, the Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2 uses the British brand’s STRIX thermostat. The latter allows the feed to be triggered precisely and to stop the heating when the water reaches the boiling point. It also has quadruple power protection, including auto power off when water is boiled and auto power off when dry. High temperature fuse protection and shockproof design also provide some protection.

The price is still 99 yuan ($ 15).

Mijia smart charging desk lamp

The Mijia smart charging desk lamp has an improved Type-C interface. Besides, it comes with a large capacity 2000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. At 100% brightness, it can last over 4 hours; at 10% brightness, the lamp can last more than 40 hours; at 1% brightness, it can provide up to 120 hours of battery life. You can always check the remaining battery power through an app. The lamp has unique battery protection technology. So the long-term plug-in will not affect the battery life.

The lamps continue to support the initial setting of the three-speed color temperature and brightness value of the previous generation table lamp. After upgrading, you can customize the color temperature and brightness of the three-speed mode in the Mijia app according to your personal preference, or select the preset scene mode. Double click on the control button to activate focus mode or turn off the lights afterwards.

It has 12 built-in 0.25W LED modules with a total rated power of only 5W. Users can adjust the color temperature between 2700K-6000K.

As a smart desk lamp, when the doorbell rings, the desk lamp flashes to alert you; when you turn on the bedside before going to bed, it will automatically turn off the lights in other rooms; it will wake up the bedroom body sensor at night; it will also help you turn on night mode automatically.

As a smart lamp from a Xiaomi brand, it supports voice control by Xiao Ai. The price is 129 yuan ($ 20).

Mijia smart sensing night light

The third product Xiaomi launched today is the Mijia Smart Sensing night light. It supports 1-60 minutes to turn off the lights, and can also be used as a light sensor to tie everything together. The price is 29.9 yuan ($ 5).

Mijia Smart Sensing night light adopts cylindrical design with diameter 65mm, thickness 38mm and weight 41g. It is small in size and only occupies 2 sockets. It does not affect the normal use of 3 sockets.

In addition, it has three built-in 0.5W LED modules. The rated power is only 0.8W; brightness is adjustable; light sensitivity is also adjustable. You can use touch and smart methods (including Mijia app, XiaoAi voice commands, smart link) to turn on the lights. After a delay, it will automatically start to turn off the lights. The default is 15 minutes. But the duration can be customized and changed in the Mijia app.

In short, it is a built-in independent light sensor, supporting Mesh Bluetooth Gateway. Thus, it can be linked with smart home products realizing automatic linking.

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