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I’m almost afraid to make jokes this week given the rage of Will Smith/Chris Rock. What is the articulated/disarticulated ratio these days? Should I worry about the feng shui of my office, since the computer faces the wall and the door is behind me?

Which is sad, because a few doses of levity, reflection and self-mockery would do everyone good.

I attended all four performances of “The Women” this past weekend – largely because my girlish spit is in it, but also because…it sparked all those thoughts and emotions discussed above.

Also… while we have been successful here in championing the dollar over the community, local theatre, despite the inherent hurdles, remains a beacon. It’s one of the few things we have left at Mammoth that makes me feel “local”. It brings out the locals. It makes every intermission feel like a reunion as you greet an old friend.

I wonder why there is so little appreciation for one person of Shira Dubrovner’s talents. From the talents of Juliana Olinka-Jones. Talents of Allison Page.

I refer to these three pillars of the local scene almost because… in this production, they are not the stars. All play several supporting roles. But it’s how they dive into each of these small roles and end up stealing scenes – I’m so impressed with their commitment to their roles and the various little details – that elevates each one in my eyes.

Damn, Shira is a great director. And part of the cast… of Rhonda Duggan, Karen Keehn, Pricilla Toledo, Michelle Raust. How do I exclude someone? The show is great. Each cast member has a moment.

Country singer Eric Church may have canceled a concert to watch Duke-UNC on Saturday night, but I don’t care. I see this room. Again.

When you look at the leadership structure of this city, when you go through Council, Planning Commission, MLT… what I realize is that we have a preponderance of bean counters and a distinct lack of soul, what kind of mirrors who we are and where we are going. Just as it’s hard to trust someone who lives here and doesn’t ski, for me it’s just as hard to trust someone who doesn’t like the arts and has no interest in civic engagement outside of a cocktail party.

A city that does not embrace the arts will never be great.

The Grinch managed to figure it out just in time. shall we?