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WB Group unveils the W2MPIR swarming drone system


by Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Main components of W2MPIR: FT-5, FlyEye and Warmate presented at MSPO 2021 in Kielce. (Jakub Link-Lenczowski)

Polsnd’s WB Group is pushing its new W2MPIR spin-off unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system, which it says is designed to defeat an opponent’s layered air defenses.

The system includes the company’s FlyEye and FT-5 Łoś (Moose) tactical reconnaissance drones, as well as Warmate 1 (3.0) and Warmate 2 vagrancy ammunition. These are controlled by the Topaz integrated combat management system. (ICMS).

WB Group also offers its low-emission encrypted Silent Radio Network suite – derived from Perad radios supplied by the Radmor subsidiary – to support communications between W2MPIR nodes.

“The main advantage of the W2MPIR system is the combination of the Silent Radio Network communication system and Topaz [ICMS] unmanned aircraft systems [that are] capable of reconnaissance, electronic intelligence and jamming [including the] FT-5 and FlyEye in cooperation with the Warmate and Warmate 2 floating munitions systems, ”said Remigiusz Wilk, communications manager at WB Group. Janes September 15.

“WB Group UAS are equipped with artificial intelligence [AI] to support the navigation, stacking and attack capabilities, ”added Wilk.

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