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Volkswagen ID Buzz will launch a wave of electric vehicles aimed at enthusiasts


The electric revival of one of Volkswagen’s best-known and best-selling vehicles will show that “people who love cars” are working at the company, CEO Ralf Brandstätter said.

The ID Buzz van, a retro-futuristic reimagining of the original Type 2, will be unveiled on March 9 as the latest entry in the growing family of MEB-based electric vehicles.

Brandstätter said it will be “undoubtedly the most emotional of our electric models” and will play a key role in Volkswagen’s efforts to become “the most desirable brand for sustainable mobility”.

The larger ID-badged electric vehicle will use the same MEB platform as the ID 3 sedan and the ID 4 and ID 5 SUVs, and it will be the first in the range to be available in passenger and commercial forms.

In an attempt to give it the same flexibility of use that defined the Type 2, it will also be offered as a California campervan – although it’s unclear if Volkswagen will fit this variant itself. or will leave that to third-party contractors, as was the case with the old Type 2.

Previews of the ID Buzz reveal styling that remains largely true to the well-received 2017 concept, albeit slightly more upright to maximize interior space, with a minimalist front design that ties it in with other ID models. and various cues nodding to its predecessors.

It will be built in standard and long-wheelbase formats alongside the new ICE-powered Multivan at Volkswagen’s plant in Hannover, Germany.

It should offer the same rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive range of batteries and powertrains as other MEB electric vehicles, showing “how flexible and versatile our modular electric drive system is,” Brandstätter said.

The concept’s 369hp 4WD setup is likely to be toned down for the top end, however, to match the ID 4 GTX’s 295hp.