Home Support system Veterans share old war stories at VFW Post 665 over breakfast

Veterans share old war stories at VFW Post 665 over breakfast


COLUMBUS, Georgia (WRBL) – The sound of old war stories filled veterans of foreign wars after 665, as older veterans shared their stories with each other over a hot plate of breakfast.

The VFW hosts a Veterans Breakfast every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Extension 665 wants veterans to feel like they have a support system and a place to go. Veterans who come to this post share old war stories, talk about everyday life and enjoy a good breakfast. Froylan Rivas, commander of post 665, said these veterans enjoy being around people who have the same experience.

“It’s just a place where they can hang out and be with someone who shares the same life experiences,” Rivas said.

Tables are always full of veterans having lunch and sharing stories, but Rivas says there’s always room for more veterans.

“It’s pretty packed, I wish it was more. I always wish it was more, but it’s pretty packed, especially on Sunday we have karaoke, ”Rivas said.

Rivas told News 3 that he enjoys being in this atmosphere.

“It makes me feel good, most of the time you don’t miss the mundane things about being in the military. But you miss the camaraderie, the shared experiences, the guy to the left and right of you and when I see veterans from all eras. Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, all these guys sharing a meal, talking. It really warms my heart, ”said Rivas.

Rivas is not the only one with a warm heart when rubbing shoulders with veterans. Nancy Bell enjoys being around and helping veterans as well. His father, Colonel Bell, served in World War II, Vietnam and the Korean War. She vowed to her veteran father before his death that she would be the support system for other veterans in need. Bell volunteers at VFW while wearing her father’s name tags so that she can fulfill her wish.

“Last Saturday I came to volunteer and these are the nicest older vets who just want to come and have breakfast and socialize with other soldiers,” Bell said.

While Bell enjoys spending time with older veterans, she would like younger veterans to spend time with them as well.

“What I haven’t seen are the young soldiers, so we have to spread the word to get the young soldiers. They have an amazing breakfast, so these young soldiers have to come and sit with these guys and share some stories. These gentlemen are just a wealth of information and many of them are on their own, ”Bell said.

Bell told News 3 that VFW Post 665 is a great place for veterans of all ages because they have such a strong mission statement.

“This particular place, their mission statement is so relevant. They have walkers and wheelchairs here that people donated. They do so much more than just serve breakfast, they serve a community of vets, ”Bell said.