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Uplift Education Supports National School Counselor Week


DALLAS, TX /ACCESSWIRE/ February 10, 2022 / The theme for this year’s National School Counseling Week is “Better Together at Uplift Education.” All of Uplift’s social behavior counselors are active school leaders, participating in collaboration with administration, teachers, parents, etc. to meet the needs of our students every day!

This year has shown us how crucial it is for children and adults to be able to understand and manage their emotions, to feel and show empathy for others, and to have the skills to be resilient in the face of ‘adversity. We continue to focus on the emotional and social health of our researchers and staff and remain committed to expanding this groundbreaking work. Through our social and emotional learning program, social counsellors, prevention support programs and our new family therapy program, we will be able to improve our community in wellness and SEL practices and create a culture that values ​​well-being as a necessary condition for academic and adult success.

At Uplift, we continue to focus on the socio-emotional health of our scholars and are thrilled to share that our Student Support Services department now offers an in-house family therapy program. Staff of licensed mental health professionals, services. We believe that mental health care and mental health education is an essential component of the overall educational process.

The goal of the family therapy program is to help solve school problems such as attendance, academic achievement and discipline at the family level. The FREE Family Therapy Program addresses the individual and systemic needs of Uplift Fellows while keeping in mind the growth of Fellows’ development as an executive. The program is offered as a free service to Uplift families and serves students and their families in kindergarten through high school 12. We are proud to offer this in-house service that will increase access for our families by dramatically reducing wait times, often months or years, that are experienced with other free and low cost therapy programs. The Vital Family Therapy Program is made possible by a generous grant from the Rees-Jones Foundation. Founded in 2006 by Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones, The Rees-Jones Foundation works with nonprofit organizations, primarily in North Texas, to serve others and improve their quality of life in tangible ways.

We have implemented the Social and Emotional Learning Program with fidelity to help our scholars make critical decisions this year. We open warmly and close optimistically each day this way – both academics and staff. IB is synonymous with our character traits, and we integrate this learning into our daily teaching. In addition to our social-emotional counselors, we now have Academic Support Specialists at approximately 15 of our campuses. Their job is to do deeper thinking and repair work with academics, to build relationships, so basically the relationship is restored. It teaches our scholars what it is to be human.

None of us are alone on this journey. Our collective team of healers, social counsellors, nurses, academic support counselors, and our SEL leaders together help our academics connect to their well-being and their academics throughout this journey, and we guide them to their full potential. We are creating a culture and a support system where our teachers have the superpowers to shine but also blaze with so much infection that every scholar wants the same for themselves.

COVID Vaccines – Over 3,500 COVID-19 vaccines administered across the Uplift community (Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer)

COVID test – Health services conducted more than 5,000 rapid tests and PCR tests.

“Caring for the teacher is loving the learner” Lao Tzu

Our goal is to prioritize connection and ensure that our scholars are focused on their well-being and making those meaningful connections. We want them to prioritize challenge and character to help them pave the way to understanding and creating meaning for the world around them.

Uplift Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of teachers, families, and most importantly, students. With a network of 45 college-preparatory public charter schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Uplift offers students from all walks of life the opportunity to study in a multidisciplinary curriculum and prepare for a career. academics they deserve. Uplift is the largest International Baccalaureate district in Texas and the #2 IB district in the country due to the number of after-school and holistic educational programs. The incredible educators of the Uplift Network guide and teach over 21,000 K-12 students.andgrades, with the majority being low-income and minority students who will be the first in their families to attend university. For more information on Uplift’s mission and its blind selection system, visituplifteducation.orgWherefacebook.com/uplifteducation.


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