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UAE-based Niner Pharmaceutical gives Indian companies a big boost


Creating ever-inventive possibilities throughout the pharmaceutical business, Niner Pharmaceuticals has been the catalyst for change in the industry for years.

With the goal of delivering progressive healthcare opportunities for all, the company offers the merits of creating sustainable value through pro-domain supply chain innovation in the segment.

The Dubai-based company aims to create competition between pharmaceutical supplies and people’s needs, creating a holistic distribution channel through community-driven value initiatives.

Manufacturing and supplying quality medicines and making them accessible to everyone is one of the company’s underlying goals.

Over the years, Niner Pharmaceuticals LLC has established itself as a leading brand in the manufacture of liquid injections, tablets, boluses, oral powder, ointment and other lines of medicinal products.

The company is continuously working on optimizing agency channels and distribution practices for businesses in India to steer them on a viable path to access and master global markets.

The company stands out in the pharmaceutical space with a prestigious guild of recognitions and awards by trusted bodies such as GMP and WHO, which reinforces its value and credibility as a leading player in the field. .

The company’s founder, Mr. Balaji, is a seasoned professional and a front-line visionary. With 16 years of compelling experience across numerous industry verticals, his involvement is nothing short of a boon to Niner Pharmaceuticals.

His plans include establishing Niner Pharmaceuticals as one of the pioneering pharmaceutical brands in the world. He brings with him extensive industry experience leading various corporate initiatives such as JB Group of Companies in Singapore, JB Medicare in Vietnam and JB Global Trade LLC in Dubai. Over the years, he has received prestigious awards such as the African Eagles Friends Entrepreneur Award 2020, the Government of Zimbabwe Business Excellence Award and the Nelson Mandela Peace Prize 2021.

Under the direction of such a competent and inspiring leader, works a well-structured and passionate team that supports its objective and its vision at all levels. The highly accomplished team of C-level executives are qualified to build the value proposition of the healthcare system, aligning it extensively with the growth goals of the fellowship.

Currently, the company is aggressively building the process framework for Indian agencies to grant them a stable position in the overseas market. It also plans to have Indian manufacturing facilities certified by regularity bodies like the USFDA and UK MHRA so that products can be exported globally without restrictions.

In addition, it is also in talks with several small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of helping them increase their production and export capacity in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

The company clearly knows that the pharmaceutical industry moves with the times. There is a lot to add to the changing trends and dynamics of healthcare commerce. Niner Pharmaceuticals is already adapting to this to create and deliver value to the fraternity at scale.

Obviously, there is a guarantee of transformation in the face of change!

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