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Top 6 Technological Reasons Why Agents Leave Your Brokerage


We all know that technology alone is not enough to recruit and retain the best agents and teams in your brokerage. Certainly, other factors such as agent divisions, broker leads that support agent growth, quality of training and support, culture and ambiance are all important. But what has become very clear, especially in recent years, is that technology can positively influence each of these factors.

After working with hundreds of thousands of agents across the industry, we have a pretty good understanding of what drives agents to your brokerage and what drives them away. Some of these reasons are easy to solve, others are fundamental. But no brokerage can ignore the top 6 technological reasons why agents might suspend their license elsewhere:

1. Too many disparate technologies.

On average, agents use 10 to 15 different technology tools to power their business. That’s 10-15 different logins, 10-15 different passwords, and 10-15 opportunities for incomplete data to flow from one tool to another (assuming there is data flow). Consolidate these tools (yes, these platforms exist) and give your agents one place to do business.

2. Everything is manual.

Providing no easy way to automate and streamline your agent’s busy day is hurting both of you. Effective tracking of prospects and staying in touch with their SOI is essential – without it, you are supporting a productivity killer. Make sure your technology provides reliable, engaging lead tracking and ideally behavioral automation to keep your agents MUCH ahead of their competition.

3. It does not offer true team functionality.

Teams are here to stay, and sometimes they are the lifeblood of a brokerage. Do you support teams with the technology they need to operate independently, but still connected to your brokerage ecosystem? If they have to look elsewhere for the technology they need, you have a good chance of seeing them go. Your technology platform should be designed with a true sub-account structure for teams and team-specific functionality for branding, database independence, and independent lead routing. While this was hard to come by in the past, technology has evolved and platforms like kvCORE provide teams with everything they need to optimize and grow under the brokerage umbrella.

4. The database does not offer confidentiality.

One of the less discussed but critical characteristics that many brokerage firms overlook is the real insecurity that agents and teams feel if their hard-earned SOI contacts are not kept private. If they are concerned that their database will be shared or lost if they leave the brokerage, you can rest assured that they will not adopt your technology. Make sure you give them database independence.

5. There is a moving gap.

To fuel your agents’ activities, you need to meet them where they are: on their smartphones. Your technology should offer full CRM functionality on every type of mobile device, and look for additional benefits like those you find in the kvCORE mobile app, like automatic dialers, built-in open house apps, etc.

6. There is no balance between ease of use and training.

If agents aren’t embracing your tech solution and you think it’s only because agents aren’t training, think again: the best technology doesn’t need hours at the end of the training. . It should be easy to use and so intuitive that agents start to see results with little to moderate help. Make sure to seek out the best tech partner that brings you the perfect blend of user-friendly technologies (check their adoption stats) as well as outstanding training and support (check their customer satisfaction stats).

Is your technology killing adoption and retention or providing real added value to your agents? You will know if your agents are satisfied and recruit other agents to join your brokerage.

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