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This concept of Windows 12 has everything Windows 11 lacks


Have you already installed Windows 11? If so, you’ve probably been through some of its many weird changes already. They can therefore be improved.

I installed Windows 11 a few days ago, and if it wasn’t because I have to keep it installed for professional reasons, I would definitely go back to Windows 10.

Windows 11 is not a bad system on its own. It’s stable, the AMD processor bugs have already been fixed, and the new interface is visually appealing.

But its improvements do not bring me great things, and it lacks announced new features such as Android applications, or DirectStorage.

We show you the ways you currently have to install Windows 11 officially and from scratch, without depending on Windows 10 or Windows Update for anything.

Many new features are designed to touch screens and small screens on Surface or laptop, and those of us who use desktops with large screens, they don’t give us the opportunity to take advantage of it.

These are impractical marketing decisions that are boring.

An example is the task bar, this combines all the folders you open from Explorer into one, and you have many more clicks to access it.

Due to the way I work, I usually open multiple folders at the same time, and it’s incomprehensible that Windows 11 doesn’t give you the option to keep them open separately.

There are more things that I just can’t get used to. For example, submenu icons which replace the Copy, Paste, Rename and Delete commands. Confusing and impractical.

WHERE redundant and overloaded search engine… Windows 10, I miss you…

But we’re not here to talk about my problems with Windows 11, but an interesting windows 12 concept created by Addy Visual, which fixes some of these things and improves others. You can see it here:

He has some very interesting ideas.

The taskbar is no longer centered on the screen, and start again in the left corner, to take advantage of the entire length of the panel.

The same goes for the The Start menu, which ceases to cover the entire central view, and comes back to the side. Too much added tabs, They organize better what in Windows 11 is a bunch of icons and information in this menu.

Something similar happens with the File Explorer, that now has eyelashes so you can browse different drives or folders at the same time, not just one.

This Microsoft laptop is available in different configurations, with an 11th generation Core i5 or i7 processor, also Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, as well as variable storage, always SSD type.

These are interesting ideas that revolve around the same incomprehensible design flaws and limitations what do we find Windows 11 users.

Microsoft will surely change some of these things in the coming months, to get closer to what users want and need to work.