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Thinking about college football playoffs? This ‘RSVP’ concept is awesome


Attending a major sporting event can be overwhelming: you may have to fly or embark on a road trip just to get there, depending on the location of course, and consider your accommodation and location. will stay, eat and how you will get around. about.

And then there are the big game tickets, of course. How are you going to buy them? Are you going to pay an arm and a leg in the aftermarket, or do you have a direct source?

With regard to college football in particular, the stakes are high: So Many fans probably dream of attending the college football playoffs, but only if their team makes it that far, of course.

So what do you do if your team is in the playoff contention, would you think about going if your team was indeed one of the four selected teams, and you just don’t know what to do in the meantime?

You “RSVP”, of course.

Have you heard of this concept?

It took place before the 2018-19 college football playoffs in Atlanta, and although the program took a brief hiatus last year due to COVID-19, it’s back and more important than ever.

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This is how it works:

Let’s say you are a fan of the State of Michigan. You’d love to see the Spartans play in the big game, but you’re not interested in buying tickets if the final game is going to end up being Georgia-Alabama. There’s still a LOT of season left, but you know one thing for sure: You can’t be left out if it’s State that ends up making it into those four teams.

So you go online to that RSVP site, and you select your team. Also choose the seat level you prefer if your team qualifies for the playoffs.

Starting at noon Thursday, you had the chance to purchase an RSVP for $ 9.98 per seat (for the upper tier – a lower tier RSVP is $ 29.96). That means if you buy it today – $ 10 per person if you don’t mind the higher tier – you will now be able to buy real varsity football playoff tickets, if the Spartans advance.

What if they don’t move forward? You are losing money. But if you’re a die-hard fan, maybe $ 10 is worth the risk.

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And no, it doesn’t look like your $ 10 will go to the price of the real ticket. It’s just a form of insurance, if you will, meaning that for $ 10 you can buy the right to purchase CFP tickets straight from the source: no secondary market, no mark-up, no ‘is involved.

“You are blocking the right to pay face value,” said Rob Boaz, COO of Dibit, the company that manages the CFP RSVP program. They have a multi-year agreement with the CFP.

And rest assured, Boaz said, if you buy an RSVP and your team make it to the playoffs, you’ll buy guaranteed CFP tickets. The CFP website even contains links to this RSVP site.

“You’re not going to go to the gate and worry,” Boaz said.

A user-friendly program

Boaz likes the idea that this was created with the fans in mind.

“Sure, a lot of teams are unlucky, but the college football fandom is crazy – it’s a form of fandom,” Boaz said.

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This year has been a great example of how the system works.

No one probably expected the Michigan Wolverines to experience the season they are enjoying now. Michigan RSVP pricing started at $ 5 for a lower tier ticket, Boaz said, adding that Michigan state prices were even cheaper, at around $ 3.

Now the two teams are ranked in the top 10 ahead of a scheduled clash in East Lansing on Saturday. If any of these teams win the Big Ten, chances are they will be included in the playoffs.

So if you’re thinking about hooking up an RSVP, Spartans, or Wolverines, now might be the time.

“Because whoever wins Saturday’s game, the price will go up,” Boaz said.

If you are not a fan, this can be a difficult concept to understand. But if you’re into college football, that probably makes sense.

The details

Boaz aims to make this as easy as possible to understand.

“We are certainly not trying to deceive anyone,” he said. “I’d rather someone not buy, than buy and think it’s something it’s not.”

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There is some risk, but the concept also takes some risk out of the equation.

“This allows you to lock in a price,” Boaz said. “You know what you’ll pay if your team is successful. I think of it as buying insurance for your team. Of course, you might lose some money if they don’t make it, but (it comes with the territory).

By the way, Georgia prices currently hit $ 654, with level RSVPs below $ 1,000. That makes sense, considering the Bulldogs have the best chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

So all of this to say that buying an RSVP might not be worth it for everyone – it all depends on your level of engagement and fandom. The program is probably not for everyone. Read the FAQ.

You can also sell your RSVP. (More details on this subject HERE).

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The program was sold to fan bases of about 70 different schools.

“Now you can sit back and watch the season, knowing that you can buy a guaranteed, locked-in ticket if your team is successful,” said Boaz.