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Starfield’s New Concept Art Features City Streets and Alien Landscapes


A new trailer for Starfield has been released and it teases a bunch of lore for the game and features new concept art of urban environments.

A new trailer for Starfield teases what the world will be like in Bethesda’s latest RPG. Specifically, the new video gives an overview of the more urban areas of Starfield as opposed to the variety of weirder sci-fi planets that have been previously shown. Not much is known about the upcoming RPG, but it seems bigger and bigger as more and more is revealed, making it one of Bethesda’s most intriguing titles to date.

Earlier this summer, it was confirmed that Starfield is an Xbox exclusive. Bethesda was acquired by the platform owner earlier this year, which means all of its games will likely be Xbox and PC-only in the future. Some PlayStation fans hoped that Starfield may still come to the Sony-owned platform, as it was likely in development for the PS5 at one point, but Bethesda and Xbox have already ruled it out.

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A new trailer for Starfield, currently unlisted on Bethesda Softworks’ YouTube channel, further teases world-building in the RPG. The video doesn’t feature any new gameplay, but features new concept art that shows some of the cities players will travel through. Bethesda also showcased more alien planets, teasing many galactic mysteries for the new game. The developer also confirmed Starfield takes place 300 years in the future and is located somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

Watch the new Starfield video on YouTube here.

Bethesda is known for creating amazingly rich worlds in its RPGs. The two Publication date and Ancient scrolls have created very different and diverse universes filled with unique characters, places and stories that give worlds a sense of depth. It looks like it will translate well into Starfield and enable a massive sci-fi universe that is on par with Bethesda’s other two flagship franchises. It will likely be some time before fans get a real glimpse of Starfield, but at least Bethesda doesn’t leave people in the dark.

The developer has offered surface information about the game since its new reveal at E3 over the summer, giving players a feel for the scale. Starfield has thousands of lines of dialogue more than Fallout 4 and Skyrim, which means there probably won’t be a shortage of quests or people to engage with across the Solar System. The actual story of the game is still a bit of a mystery, and likely will remain so until the launch gets much closer. At the moment, all that is really known is that players will be exploring the galaxy as part of a group of other space travelers.

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Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Source: Bethesda Softworks / YouTube

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