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Project Axis is an elegant superyacht explorer designed for “maximum privacy”


Project Axis is the naval interpretation of one of man’s most recent dreams: to escape in the blink of an eye. It is designed for “Maximum privacy” The designer explains in a statement to Boat International, so he would offer the owner exactly that, along with the ability to just pack up and get away for as long as he or she wants, in luxury and safety, surrounded by a handful of selected people.

Man is primarily a social being, but every now and then a break from everything and everyone is welcome. In the context of the current health crisis, there is no better time than now to stress the importance of social distancing and forming your own private bubble with which to travel. The past two years have seen an increase in the demand for transportation that allows this, including in the shipbuilding industry.

For the one percent, there is simply no better way to break up than with a superyacht explorer. Located at the junction of a luxury superyacht and a true ice class, long range explorer, these ships are ideal for family cruises and search missions, usually at the same time. Sure enough, they have a corresponding price tag, but, again, we’re talking about a one percent type of toy here.

Project Axis is also one of those toys. She’s nicknamed a Superyacht Explorer and she delivers with a very sleek and striking design, luxury amenities and solid performance. It is, for the moment, only a concept and not even very detailed, with him. But it shows that the current trend is here to stay a bit longer: Superyacht explorers are in high demand and they are getting more and more impressive day by day.

Designer Adam Voorhees set up his studio in 2009, and just over a year later, he won the Boat International’s Media Young Designer of the Year award for the 66-meter (216-foot) Ra concept. Her work includes many notable projects in naval design, architecture and interior design, as well as a collaboration with the prestigious Lürssen shipyard, to develop Aurora, based on the exclusive Lürssen hull platform. .

Project Axis is an individual project, but remarkable. Its total length is 91 meters (298 feet) and the beam is 14.5 meters (47.5 feet), which means that it provides sufficient interior volume for guests, crew and all equipment. necessary. Accommodation on board is provided for 16 people in seven spacious suites, the owner having his own deck with a private terrace and private swimming pool, as well as a private lounge aft.

Three different pools are available, including one on the sundeck and the highlight of the lot at the back, next to the beach club and spa. The latter has a glass bottom, a feature that is becoming more and more common with superyachts these days, but which still retains its wow effect.

Unfortunately, the designer does not detail the interior further. This being a superyacht explorer, however, it would feature the kind of amenities that have become the norm. In addition to the beach club and spa, one could easily assume that it would also have a gym, cinema, several living and dining rooms (formal and informal, indoor or outdoor), and lavishly appointed suites. As an explorer, he would have to pack all types of water equipment and toys, from dinghies to exploration and research vehicles on water, underwater, on land and in the air.

Even with the limited details offered, Project Axis manages to stand out with its striking silhouette, with very smooth and clean lines, and an almost pristine style, balanced by the generous interiors and the capabilities of the vessel. “The feminine curves and undulating surfaces of Project Axis are balanced with the masculine volumes of the concept” said Vorhees.

Project Axis comprises a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure, and would derive its power from a diesel-electric hybrid system. The designer does not go into details, but notes that the impressive vessel would have a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 15 knots. It would therefore not be outdone, despite its size.

“The concept will encompass the most avant-garde technologies, including the production of electricity for on-board systems”, Vexplains oorhees. “[The studio] is definitely looking to explore hydrogen and other alternative fuel options.

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