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Prime Minister of Tasmania – Grants supporting the Tasmanian beekeeping industry


December 6, 2021

Guy Barnett, Minister of Primary Industries and Water

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is supporting the Tasmanian beekeeping industry with the launch of a program to address the infrastructure needs of the beekeeping sector.

Beehives in areas rich in leather trees and other floral resources will become more accessible under the first round of grants from the government’s Bee Industry Futures program.

The government places a high value on Tasmania’s honey and pollination industries and the value of the sector extends far beyond the production of world-class honey.

This industry is also vital for the pollination of valuable Tasmanian fruit and vegetable crops, which is why we have committed $ 500,000 for infrastructure development to enable beekeepers to continue to access floral resources such as leather, manuka and blue gum.

The first round of grants to support the beekeeping sector, totaling up to $ 100,000, is intended for remediation works on six roads or vehicle tracks to maintain access to sites located mainly in remote areas of the north. -West that is on land managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania or Parks & Wildlife Service.

These roads provide access to more than 1,200 beehives in mainly leather areas. Most of the beehives are then turned to sites in agricultural landscapes where they are used for crop pollination.

The government is proud of the collaboration, understanding and continued efforts between the beekeeping and forestry industries.

This was most clearly demonstrated in the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 between the Tasmanian Association of Beekeepers, the Australian Honey-Bee Industry Council and STT.

The Tasmanian Liberal government understands the importance of our honey and pollination sector and believes that improving access to these remote areas will keep the hives strong and support local businesses and regional jobs.

Supporting the beekeeping sector is also key to meeting the Tasmanian government’s goal of increasing the farm-gate value of Tasmania’s agricultural production on a sustainable basis to $ 10 billion by 2050.

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