Home System concept Podcast Episode 227: Antidoot’s Tom Jacobs seeks simplicity

Podcast Episode 227: Antidoot’s Tom Jacobs seeks simplicity


Antidoot’s Tom Jacobs didn’t set out to launch a brewery. It was more of a natural outgrowth of his and his brother’s homebrew, which had become too big to remain just a hobby. Yet Jacobs pursues each of the small batches they brew with the exploratory zeal that informed their homebrewing days.

The brewery and batches are intentionally small for two reasons. First, Jacobs is unwilling to compromise his creative vision to achieve the scale necessary for a larger corporate entity. Second, they prefer to use fruits and herbs from their own trees, vineyards, orchards, and gardens, which is only viable at their tiny size.

Despite their self-imposed safeguards, Antidoot forgoes other traditional brewing conventions such as style categories because, as Jacobs puts it, “it’s hard for people to appreciate things without a concept, but if you give them a concept, they judge against the concept.” Going beyond preconceptions of what a beer should be and encouraging drinkers to approach beer on its own terms, with an open mind, is what Antidoot is all about.

In this episode, Jacobs discusses:

  • build a self-sufficient, agriculture-focused lifestyle with a seasonal approach to brewing and growing
  • find a way of brewing between Belgian ester beers and acidic beers that are too acidic
  • giving up the one-dimensional term “sour”
  • mixing acidity with bitterness
  • using various herbs for bitterness, such as gentian and wormwood
  • wild selection Saccharomyces more than Brettanomyces to preserve the flavors and nuances of the terroir
  • brew wild cider without losing the character of the apple

And more.

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