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Penetanguishene offers holiday wishes, reflects on the past year


“It is essential that we continue to work together, encourage each other and support all efforts to make Penetanguishene a wonderful place to live and visit.”

Although we have struggled through another difficult year of COVID-19, the holiday season offers a time to take a break and reflect on some of the positive events our city has experienced.

We are delighted that the Town Dock secondary study took shape during the last quarter of 2021. This study is the first step in the revitalization of our waterfront. During the year 2021, the consultants conducted numerous consultations with the public, council and members of the municipal wharf steering committee to explore potential new uses, a key aspect of the City’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. After each public consultation, the design was changed based on your opinions and perceived needs. I encourage you to stay tuned in early February to find out about the next public consultation.

2021 gave us the opportunity to focus on the accessibility of our services, online. In early 2021, the City was pleased to announce that Cloudpermit, the online building and planning permit filing site, was completed. Shortly after, our recreation department announced their new online programming tool, RecDesk, which allows you to register for programs and events from the comfort of your own home. Staff are currently working on integrating online water bill and tax payment. Residents can expect to pay these bills online in the coming year.

In early 2021, the City announced the purchase of 51 Dunlop, which houses the Penetanguishene High School building. Throughout the year, staff worked closely with residents and the PSS Steering Committee to properly prepare the school for the upcoming demolition. I am proud of the momentous event our staff were able to organize which provided residents and visitors with two distinct opportunities to walk around the building and share their stories. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch the memorable “PSS Closing” video on Towns’ YouTube channel.

Our public works department has had an excellent year! The ministry has completed a long list of accomplishments, including completing the first phase of the complete restructuring of Chatham Street. The second phase is expected to start in spring 2022.

As a municipality, we are continuing our efforts to save our taxpayers’ money in relation to the increased costs of the CNCC police services, which is due to the large overall increase in taxes during the year. coming year. “We are grateful to our finance department who did an excellent job during the year practicing prudent and forward-looking financial management as outlined in the City’s strategic plan. This effort resulted in the approval of our 202? 2 budget with an estimated overall tax increase of 1.9%.

Each of these accomplishments this year could not have been accomplished without the tremendous efforts of our department heads, staff and the leadership of our CEO. I am very proud of the team we have at the Town of Penetanguishene and I speak on behalf of all Council members when I thank them for their hard work and perseverance each year.

As a community, we rely so heavily on the ideas of each of you. It is essential that we continue to work together, encourage each other and support all efforts to make Penetanguishene a wonderful place to live and visit. On behalf of the members of the Board and the staff, I extend my warmest wishes to all members of our community. May the magic of the Christmas season fill your homes with joy and peace and may the spirit of this wonderful season be with you and your loved ones throughout the holidays.

Doug Leroux is the mayor of Penetanguishene. Contact him at [email protected] If you would like to keep up to date with Board decisions made at our meetings, visit our website www.penetanguishene.ca where you can sign up to receive our Council Highlights email.