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Oxalys sets sail for Italy


LA GARENNE COLOMBES, France, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — French software publisher Oxalys continues its internationalization by announcing a first establishment in Europe. This strategic announcement comes in a context of strong acceleration for the company which, after successfully opening a subsidiary in South Africa two years ago, now wishes to expand its geographical footprint in other countries.

Deployed in 35 countries around the world, Oxalys, a specialist in the digitization of purchases and expenditure, is the preferred partner of SMEs and ETIs. Its solutions make it possible to digitize the entire supply and expenditure process: Sourcing and Contracts, Purchases and Invoices, Supplier Relations and Purchasing Management. Oxalys is distinguished by its configurable and scalable solutions as well as its customer support based on proximity and agility, adaptable to the corporate culture. The objective is to allow any private and public organization to easily digitize its Purchasing. To date, more than 100 customers use Oxalys solutions.

Backed by this position, Oxalys has all the necessary resources to become a strategic partner for Italian SMEs and ETIs, particularly in the north of the country where economic activity is particularly dynamic. To do this, the software publisher can rely on a local team, but also on a network of partners (integrators and consulting firms) which will be formed in the short term.

Pierre Joudiou, President of Oxalys, “We are proud to develop our international business strategy and launch our operations in Italy. Through this establishment, we intend to quickly become an essential partner for Italian companies and public structures wishing to modernize and digitize their purchasing process with an optimal quality of service. We have all the necessary resources to sustainably accelerate our growth, access new markets and then study new locations.”

About Oxalys – https://www.oxalys.com

Oxalys is a French software publisher, a pure player in purchasing and expense management, created 30 years ago. It has developed a flexible, agile and ready-to-use SaaS solution to support any company or organization in digitizing and managing the ramp-up of Purchasing. Its flagship e-Procurement software, the result of more than 30 years of good purchasing practices, expertise and innovation, makes it possible to dematerialize the entire purchasing process for companies, from supplier sourcing to supplier invoices and their integration in accounting.

Its solutions have won over more than 100 customers from all business sectors and of all sizes (large groups, SMEs, public sector bodies).