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Our take: The Legion needs young veterans – Austin Daily Herald


On Wednesday, we had the honor of covering six members of the Austin American Legion Post 91 who themselves were honored for their long-time service to the American Legion.

They were part of a larger group to receive such recognition, but were the only ones who could do so that day. In total, there were 13 members.

This was an important recognition, as having members who have been with the Legion for 50-75 years serves to demonstrate an established base for the Legion and all the good it does for the community.

However, the day also highlighted a struggle the American Legion faces across the country. There are not enough young veterans joining and this lack of influx of new members is slowing down what the Legion is doing.

Post 91 Legion Commander Gordy Briggs said it best on Wednesday.

“When you have longevity, it gives a solid foundation and encourages young veterans that it’s important in their lives,” Briggs said before the short presentation. “We are family oriented. We make sure all veterans are welcome.

The American Legion needs veterans so that it can continue to fund supportive community activities, but also to continue to be a place that supports veterans themselves. The Legion structure, and its counterpart the VFW Post 1216, can be invaluable for young veterans, as it is an opportunity to find and talk with others who have walked in the same boots as them.

Some veterans may not need this support, but others have seen combat and that’s where this support can be so important.

In short, the American Legion is a supportive post for any community, helping to maintain the framework of what makes a community strong. We hope and encourage all young veterans who are looking to make a difference in their community and who have not yet joined to consider becoming part of the American Legion. It is an opportunity to continue to serve your country, your community and the veterans themselves.