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NCW Hosts Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar


The National Commission for Women (NCW), in conjunction with the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), held a one-day anti-trafficking awareness seminar on Saturday in the national capital.

The one-day sensitization session discussed the introduction, concept, models and existing response systems of human trafficking and the psycho-sociological impact of trafficking as well as the role of human trafficking organizations. civil society in its prevention. NCW President Rekha Sharma and Balaji Srivastava, Managing Director, BPR&D, chaired the seminar.

President Rekha Sharma stressed the importance of preventing human trafficking at the source for an effective fight. “We need to focus on preventing trafficking. NCW has set up its own anti-human trafficking unit and this is just the beginning. Through today’s seminar, we all need to find the way forward to promote awareness of human trafficking and its effective fight,” she said.

Meanwhile, Balaji Srivastava said that BPR&D has organized many capacity building seminars and workshops on different topics such as cybercrime and women’s safety and that this collaborative effort with NCW will go a long way in promoting awareness of trafficking. human being.

The seminar was divided into four technical sessions; “Introduction: concept, patterns and existing response systems of human trafficking”, “Different dimensions of human trafficking”, “Psychosociological impact of human trafficking” and “Role of NGOs in rescue, post- rescue and rehabilitation”.

The technical sessions were followed by detailed open house discussions and the resource persons suggested the way forward to combat human trafficking.

Some of the important suggestions made by the experts were that each state women’s commission should have its own anti-human trafficking unit, an SOP to be followed by all organizations in cases of human trafficking, training of all stakeholders, the establishment of anti-trafficking units in colleges and educational institutes. the provisions available in the legal system, including schemes and compensation, should be known to all at the panchayat level, among other suggestions.

Participants included State Women’s Commissions, State/UT WCD Departments, Senior Police Officials, Senior Paramilitary Officials, Governmental Organizations, National Commissions, Administrative, Judicial and Police Training Institutes, non-governmental organizations, directors of medical institutions and universities. /Colleges, among others.