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Maryville businesses celebrate small businesses on Saturday after year of struggles due to pandemic


MARYVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – It’s Small Business Saturday, and since 2015, downtown Maryville has celebrated by hosting a market filled with local businesses on Broadway Avenue.

The Holiday craft market and more was 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and featured local artists and shops.

The past year has been difficult for many small businesses due to the pandemic, which is why local store owners in downtown Maryville made sure to participate in Small Business Saturday.

This time of year, many people buy gifts for the holidays, and those in Maryville on Saturday make sure those gifts are from the area.

Jason Householder from Maryville said he was happy to see so many people at the Holiday Craft Market and More.

“Come down to see if we can find Christmas gifts for the family and support our local businesses at the same time. “

Downtown Maryville was full of people who made sure to show their love to the stores in their neighborhood.

From outdoor market to indoor stores like The Broadway Shop, store owners and managers are just delighted to see people shopping.

“It’s a big day for us,” said Grace Galyon, store manager of The Boutique on Broadway. “We really like small businesses on Saturdays because on the one hand we don’t work together all the time so we can all come together and work and see all of our customers which is wonderful. We generally have a great support system.

Galyon adds: “It supports our economy, local families with businesses. It’s great for everyone. Plus, you can see a lot of unique things that other big box stores don’t necessarily have.

At this time last year, many companies were just trying to stay afloat.

“It was difficult,” said the owner of ABC monograms, Kelley Sloan. “We were fortunate to receive government grants and in fact, we used them to buy this house where we moved our business. ”

She added: “But it was tough. It’s improved, but it’s still not where it was before.

They have been in downtown Maryville since 2006. Sloan said what they love most about downtown is the community that continues to support them over the years.

The Hatmaker family spent their Saturday morning singing Christmas carols, but their afternoon at the Holiday Craft Market. This year they’re really trying to prioritize local shopping for all of their vacation needs.

“We have really tried this year to support local communities like Hyde FarmsSaid Chalyn Hatmaker of Maryville. “We started buying our beef through them. We also got our ham locally this year.

It is this type of community support that keeps businesses and shoppers in downtown Maryville.

Jason Householder said, “Just to help the local businesses, you know, they sometimes have a hard time and whatever you can do to help them the guards around. Small businesses make small towns.

Many local stores that participated in the small businesses on Saturday said they would hold holiday sales throughout the season. Many hope that people will take the opportunity to buy gifts for the holidays and to support the local community.

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