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Local Land Services launches five-year agricultural framework | Gloucester lawyer


Local Land Services has launched its Five-Year Agricultural Services Framework which will help shape the way its key services and programs are delivered to better support primary producers in the face of emerging challenges.

The framework identifies priority areas on which LLS will focus its agricultural service delivery over the next five years, including supporting sustainable productivity, enhancing natural assets, and assisting landowners to manage climate variability.

LLS Agriculture and Plant Biosecurity State Director James Hutchinson-Smith said putting the framework in place would ensure growers receive the best quality advice and services in the future.

“At Local Land Services, we are fortunate to have highly trained and experienced agricultural service staff who can help NSW growers implement new strategies and practices that can increase productivity and sustainability,” said Mr. Hutchinson-Smith.

“Like all organizations, we have defined resources, but by implementing this framework we can continue to invest in local programs and train staff so that the services we provide continue to address the biggest issues affecting homeowners. land, communities and industry. “

Mr Hutchinson-Smith said the framework also highlights the important role LLS plays in helping growers manage risks associated with climate variability and significant climate and market disruptive events.

“We know that climate variability increases and with it the frequency and severity of major disruptive events such as droughts, fires and floods,” said Hutchinson-Smith.

“These climatic and market disruptive events have a negative impact on agricultural productivity and increase the risk of significant degradation of natural assets on the farm.

“Helping producers manage the risks associated with major disruptors can dramatically reduce the impact of these events on natural assets, the well-being of people and communities, recovery time and productivity. “

LLS offers a range of agricultural services, workshops and programs that can help landowners increase productivity and sustainability on the farm.

If you would like to know what services are available in your area, contact LLS by calling 1300 795 299 or visit www.lls.nsw.gov.au.