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Local councilor calls for Malahide traffic lights to be moved


A Fianna Gael councilor has called for the traffic lights at the Dublin Road and Swords Road junction to be moved, easing traffic out of Malahide.

Presenting his motion at a recent local committee meeting, Councilor Anthony Lavin called for the signals at the castle gate to be moved “to the end of the white lines”, to improve traffic conditions.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Lavin said he found a report issued by the council “disappointing”.

The location in question was a “bottleneck” for traffic, he explained, and “a lot of people don’t appreciate that they can continue to the end of the white line”.

Cllr Lavin’s argument was that traffic lights should be moved to “remind” people that the white line “isn’t there by accident”.

Even allowing this small gap would reduce congestion, he said, as at the moment the carriageway is congested on Dublin Road towards St Sylvester’s School.

Cllr Lavin said widening the road might alleviate the problem and suggested the council seek the help of consultants.

Supporting the motion, Cllr Aoibhinn Tormey (FG) suggested an additional sign at the location to alert motorists that it is safe to travel to the white line of the junction.

Cllr Tormey said it was up to the “experts” to determine the safest thing to do, but she had raised in previous meetings that the roads here needed to be replenished.

A council official, responding to councilors Henchy and Tormey, said professional engineers had looked at this site and if there was anything that could have been done legally, “we would have done it by now”.

She said Cllr Lavin had “hit the nail” in suggesting the causeway be widened, but that would involve taking down a wall, and the council would have to determine whether it was a protected structure.

Either way, it was not possible to change the traffic lights on the spot, the official said, although the road markings will be replenished by September this year.

The council, she added, had reviewed the location in detail and would consider whether the causeway could be widened.

A report issued by the council was noted by the local committee.