Home System concept Lexus BEV Sport concept steals our hearts – New images and specs here

Lexus BEV Sport concept steals our hearts – New images and specs here


Lexus tugged at our heartstrings today, releasing another render of its Lexus BEV Sport Concept. Now that Toyota has returned to the idea of ​​making battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for North America, which it started doing in 1997 but then put on hold in 2014, we like to imagine what fun roadsters could be doing.

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Lexus unveiled the latest render in December and today reposted the render of the concept with some information that we find interesting. First, Toyota claims the cruising range could exceed 430 miles. That’s a fun number to pick in a concept car if Lexus hasn’t already started working on it. The range estimate is pretty close to 700km, maybe that’s why “430” is the estimated range. Or maybe it’s what Toyota’s tests reveal? Either way, 430 miles is the exact distance from Never-Ever Land to the Magical Kingdom if you follow the Yellow Brook Road, so it may not be a coincidence.

Here’s a little fun. Toyota says the car can use solid-state batteries. Not those stupid liquid electrolytes we all talk about today that catch fire and cost so much and are so heavy. Hey, if you’re going to fantasize about a BEV, you really should start with the batteries and work your way down, so to speak. We love our batteries solid.

The next step is the all-important 0-100 km/h sprint time. No imaginary sports car would be complete without a dream launch hour. Toyota says it could be in the order of 2 seconds. Of course, less than 2 seconds is next to impossible on a real road with road-legal rubber due to grip and physics, but hey, it’s supposed to be fantasy fun, so why not?

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Although many EV journalists make a decent living promoting imaginary EVs, this writer tries to keep it real. That’s why I chose the word “rendering” to describe the Lexus BEV Sport Concept. For clarity, it should be noted that the work chosen by Lexus was “image”. You are the judge.

Having covered Toyota and Lexus as a member of the media for a decade, and following the brand as an enthusiast (owner of first-generation Supra here) since the 1970s, one thing is certain. Toyota usually has the vehicle made when it announces a concept. That’s why its end products look quite a bit like the original “pictures” of concept cars, and why Toyota and Lexus concepts tend to look a bit more realistic and a bit less fanciful than some competitors’ imaginations.

Lexus BEV Sport concept image

When will we see the two-second production version of a concept car that Lexus and Toyota have now shown twice in four months? Tell us your guess in the comments below.

Renderings, aka “images”, courtesy of Lexus Media Support.

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