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Jermaine Johnson officially declares himself for 2022 NFL Draft


Defensive end of the state of Florida, Jermaine Johnson, became one of the stars of college football in 2021 after being transferred from Georgia. Johnson recorded 70 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and one defensive touchdown. He became the first player in the history of the rivalry Florida State-Miami recording five sacks in a single game. At the end of the season, Johnson was named defensive player of the year for the ACC.

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Johnson posted a heartfelt message on Thursday afternoon to share his appreciation and gratitude for the state of Florida while officially declaring himself for the 2022 NFL Draft.

“I know this post cannot explain all of my feelings of gratitude for this university, but I will do my best. First of all, I want and must thank God, my amazing support system, my teammates, my coaches and my staff, and of course you amazing fans. The incredible opportunity to represent this university and everyone associated with it has been nothing short of a blessing, and I cannot thank God enough for it. Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms – for accepting me when it might have been easier to think of me as “a guy who had to be transferred because he couldn’t cut it.” This past year has given me a new love for the game that I had missed so much.This time around showed me what it means to really lead, what it means to be truly selfless and what it means to really put my heart and my body on the line for something better s taller than me. I know this season hasn’t gone the way all of us I wish it had gone, but my brothers and staff here in Florida State have so much in store for all of you! I am happy that I was able to give everything I had to this program and to all of you. Even though I’ve only been a Seminole for a year, the Carnet and Gold will flow through my veins for the rest of my life. “

“Forever and always, go Christmas.”

Johnson should be a first round pick in the upcoming NFL draft and he made a lot of money by wearing the garnet and gold. His outstanding performance prove that Florida State can attract talent transfer portal and rebuild their value.

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NoleGameday will follow Johnson throughout the offseason as he prepares to move to the next level.

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