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In the Dubai helicopter hub for the ultra-rich – News


The Dubai Helipark will be used by people traveling between business centers and tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates

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Posted: Sun, Nov 21, 2021, 6:28 PM

Last update: Sun, Nov 21, 2021, 7:32 PM

Creating seamless last mile connectivity and delivering a luxurious ‘Dubai at night’ experience, the recently launched helicopter center in Dubai is set to provide a complete ecosystem for the rotor industry.

As Khaleej Times boarded an ACH145 -Airbus corporate helicopter and had a glimpse of the 42,800 square meter site near the Dubai South VIP Terminal, we learned that the facility had been deployed in one record time of 100 days.

From a business-to-business perspective, the center is ready to provide full assistance to help helicopter owners with a full 360 degree assistance system.

In addition to providing a landing and parking facility for eight helicopters when complete, the facility has a lounge to meet and greet the very wealthy and extends full maintenance services including side refueling services. city ​​in partnership with ENOC.

Dr Samir Mohamed, President and Founder of Air Chateau International, said: “This is a dream project and it is the vision of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Civil Aviation Authority of Dubai, President of Dubai Airports and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group and our mission is to work on its vision and make it work. This is done with the great support of the authorities, namely the Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. The idea was to create something that had been missing here for a long time. We have seen this everywhere else in this world, whether in Brazil, in Monaco, so why not in Dubai? So we thought we needed to fill that gap, and we rolled our eyes, and that’s what we were aiming for.

“UAE leaders want this service to be available, accessible and affordable for everyone. This is the future of this project. The dream has begun and we will continue to build on this infrastructure. We already have different stakeholders who want to partner with us and use our facilities. We are purely a facilitator, an operator and we seek to facilitate this with big partners like Airbus and others, understanding their needs and responding to them, ”added Dr Mohamed.

Whether it’s for a B2B trip or to celebrate a special occasion in style, the luxurious experience begins from the moment you land.

“Dubai by Night” could launch before National Day

Shilton Tony Irudayaraj, Co-Founder and CEO, said: “We are preparing to launch one of the most ambitious projects to experience the city of Dubai in its greatness at night. We plan to officially conclude with Dubai Tourism to promote the whole concept in a few days. It will be a unique experience once launched.

For the UHNWI public to land in their private jets at nearby Al Maktoum Airport, the center becomes an extension to ensure a quick transfer to the neighboring city or emirate.


With over 14,000 business jet landings at Dubai World Central (DWC) VIP Terminal, the opportunity to build fast travel will be a natural progression.

Irudayaraj adds: “It’s part of Dubai’s vision to create good and efficient air mobility, that’s what we want to move towards – which is the future of vertiports. It will be a smooth transition from helicopters, from helipads to vertiports connecting us to various networks across the country in places like Hatta to Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

Stakeholders also explain that the current phase I and the proposed phase II of the project which will be rolled out by 2023 involve investments worth 80-100 million dirhams, but overall the vision they are striving for to achieve is to provide $ 150 million in FDI. more than five years to put this whole ecosystem in place.

Striving to present a new offer to residents before the country marks the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, Dr KS Pillai, advisor and board member of Air Chateau, says: “The Dubai concept by Night will see guests being picked up in a hotel Rolls-Royce or Bentley Bentayga, take them to the Burj Al Arab, then take them from Burj Al Arab, flying over the city at night then landing here, where we have a huge terrace. We are going to create a Michelin starred restaurant experience here. We are looking for partnerships to work on. We hope to start this for potential customers by National Day.

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