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How IPC’s Pinnacle Advisor Program Helps Advisors Succession Planning


The program has very competitive and transparent monetization, so advisers can reduce the risk of their business value. IPC, backed by IBM and Power Corp, has strong financial backing to back this up.

“No change in investment is required. You don’t have to give up your license like some of the other companies that require people to give up their license and become a referral agent, ”Novachis said. “You have access to everything you value today, and you get paid today, then tomorrow you get paid for growth. This is a very capital efficient transaction, so there are tax advantages. You relinquish all responsibilities for overhead, marketing, administration and compliance. HR (human resources) is provided institutionally by IPC at a large scale solution, and you can mentor this young advisor at your own pace. So, there are many, many benefits to this program.

The CPI, meanwhile, is also benefiting.

“I think this is a very important point in the evolution of independent entrepreneurial advisers in Canada,” said Novachis, noting that IPC was founded and built by independent financial advisors, and therefore wishes to offer a “cradle to grave” solution to help advisors both build their business and pass on their legacy. “This is one of the biggest worries for senior advisors, it’s what’s going to happen when I’m not there – and it’s a big worry for clients as well. So having this as a key part of IPC’s toolkit, supporting independent advisors, gives us a significant advantage for future growth with IPC by bringing in those advisors and their clients.

The program also benefits the next generation of advisors, who may be very skilled, but cannot afford to start a business.

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