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Endowment for North Central PA LaunchBox named in honor of Chancellor McBride


DuBOIS, Pa .– Celebrating the vision and leadership of former Chancellor Mr. Scott McBride in his mission to bring the Invent Penn State initiative to Penn State DuBois, Mr. Scott McBride Endowment in support of LaunchBox North Central PA was set up by the campus. Intended to support the LaunchBox in stimulating economic prosperity in the north central region of the PA, this $ 80,000 endowment was funded with $ 40,000 in contributions from Penn State DuBois, as well as colleagues and friends of McBride, and with $ 40,000 in matching funds provided by Penn State through the LaunchBox Correspondence Program.

The LaunchBox buddy program is designed to provide an operating endowment for each LaunchBox on the Penn State campus. Donations to each LaunchBox operating endowment will be matched by Penn State up to a total of $ 1 million. Additional contributions to the endowment can be made by anyone at any time.

“As I read about the endowment established in my name, tears flowed from my eyes,” McBride said, recalling the letter informing him of the endowment sent by Penn State DuBois Acting Chancellor Ping Werner. “I am incredibly touched and grateful for this gesture of recognition. Getting this and other endowments in place is critical to the sustainability of LaunchBox North Central PA.

The sustainability of the LaunchBox, in turn, means that a vital resource for business owners, industry professionals and budding entrepreneurs across the region will continue to grow in two places: the innovation hub. at 2 West Park Ave. at DuBois, and the Idea Lab, located in the Swift Building on the Penn State DuBois campus.

Launched in 2019, the North Central PA Launch Box provides services such as assistance in writing a business plan, assistance with grant applications, educational seminars for entrepreneurs, workforce training, etc. Additionally, LaunchBox worked with Clearfield County Commissioners to process requests from area businesses seeking grants under the Second Round of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) and the COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP). These efforts resulted in the distribution of $ 500,000 in the second round of the CARES Act funding and $ 897,000 in CHIRP funding, helping Clearfield County businesses recover from losses incurred during closings in 2020.

The downtown location contains offices for industry partners, a conference area and a collaborative workspace that provide facilities to meet the needs of LaunchBox customers researching and developing their products and services.

In addition, the LaunchBox innovates solutions for businesses and individuals in the region in the think tank on campus. Equipped with 12 3D printers, 3D scanning hardware and software, and a vinyl printer / cutter, the lab is available to anyone looking for help with the development of a prototype. , reverse engineering and inspection.

Penn State DuBois students also benefit from access to the LaunchBox and all available assets while being encouraged to delve into the world of entrepreneurship. A new minor in Entrepreneurship has been created to work under this initiative. This interdisciplinary degree will help students in whatever subject they choose to learn how to bring their product or service ideas to life.

“The development and development of sustainable partnerships focused on supporting the competitiveness of manufacturing and labor needs, the growth and attraction of talented entrepreneurs and innovators, and the creation of new businesses High tech and high tech for the region was the vision and should remain the goal, ”McBride said of the growing reach of the LaunchBox. “Entrepreneurship and innovation isn’t just about starting new businesses – it’s an attitude, a way of thinking, an approach to solving problems and creating inventive solutions. The opportunities for the NCPA LaunchBox to service the region are limitless.

Since 2015, the Penn State Invent initiative has awarded seed grants to 21 campuses to create innovation hubs, and to date the NCPA LaunchBox has served more than 14,000 clients, including 24 new startups. This mission, driven continuously through collaboration with industry and communities across the region, exemplifies the path McBride envisioned for the LaunchBox from the very beginning.

McBride recalled, “I’ve always been interested in systems that work as efficiently as possible. I saw the LaunchBox project as an initiative where it was essential that the economic development forces of the region come together to function as an interdependent system. This idea really excited me. I believed that if other stakeholders could see and adopt this vision, the economic health and general well-being of the region could be improved.

“The vision and passion that Scott has demonstrated throughout this initiative has proven to be very fruitful in such a short period of time,” said Brad Lashinsky, director of North Central PA LaunchBox. “Scott understands the power of regionalization and partnership for rural Pennsylvania. “

Lashinsky is available to help businesses and individuals find ways to meet their unique needs. He can be reached at 814-375-4704 or [email protected]

To support the Mr. Scott McBride endowment in support of the North Central PA LaunchBox, or for information on all donations to Penn State DuBois, contact Development Director Jean Wolf at 814-372-3038 or jaw57 @ psu.edu.

Endowment support will advance “A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence,” a targeted campaign that aims to elevate Penn State’s position as a leading public university in a world defined by rapid change and connection. global. With the support of alumni and friends, “A Greater Penn State” seeks to meet the three key imperatives of a 21st century public university: keeping the doors of higher education open to hard-working students, their financial well-being; create transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom; and impact the world by serving communities and fueling discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. To learn more about “A Greater State of Pennsylvania for 21st Century Excellence,” visitgrandpennstate.psu.edu.

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