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Eden Park, the first stadium in Australasia to obtain the WELL health and safety seal


Eden Park is the first stadium in Australasia to achieve the globally recognized WELL Health-Safety Seal, an independent accreditation based on evidence that a building or space has taken the necessary steps to prioritize health and safety staff, visitors and stakeholders.

“Our site has always placed the highest importance on health and safety, so receiving the WELL Health-Safety seal only confirms that Eden Park sets the standard for stadium buildings and public spaces across the country. Australasia, ”said Nick Sautner, CEO of Eden Park. .

“We are committed to making the site sustainable for generations to come, and every initiative we take is carefully considered from a strategic and environmental perspective. Park’s values ​​and priorities. We are delighted to be at the forefront of health and safety standards for sites in the region. From improved cleaning practices to emergency preparedness programs, these integrated building and space features consistently promote the well-being of those who work, visit and play at Eden Park.

With Eden Park’s 2022 schedule offering a plethora of sporting matches, concerts and cultural events, the WELL rating will be a welcome addition for event-goers in the New Year, especially in such an uncertain environment. due to COVID. The park’s WELL rating will instill confidence in those who visit the stadium knowing that they are in a space that puts the health and safety of its customers first.

The WELL Health and Safety Assessment examines 22 characteristics in several key areas – cleaning and disinfection procedures, emergency preparedness programs, health services resources, air quality management and water, and stakeholder engagement and communication – and requires a minimum of 15 criteria to be met to achieve the rating and achieve the WELL Health & Safety seal.

“World-renowned scientists, public health experts and celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Robert de Niro, Michael B Jordan and Jennifer Lopez are encouraging people to look for the WELL Health-Safety seal in their favorite places. Yankee Stadium, The Empire State Building, AT&T Stadium in Texas and thousands of other world-class sites, buildings and spaces have all received this rating, ”said Mr. Sautner. “It’s exciting that Eden Park is now part of this global community committed to supporting the health of people in space. “

He adds: “As New Zealand’s national stadium, Eden Park has always been a leader in supporting the health, safety and well-being needs of all who visit our site. This WELL Health-Safety seal recognizes these efforts and demonstrates our commitment.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a symbol of trust that is backed by science, structure and, most importantly, third-party verification. While our community is at Eden Park and enjoying a wide range of sports and entertainment facilities, we are delighted then to offer confidence in our best practice health and safety systems and protocols.

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