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Dr Gotimukula aims to take AAPI to greater heights



The new president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, is committed to making the organization a leader in healthcare.

She wants to focus on improving the current healthcare system and helping to create a better healthcare model for patients.

Most importantly, she wants to raise awareness of the major chronic diseases that plague our health care system through lifestyle modifications and, to do so, establish a strong support system for members who are racially discriminated against in the United States.

Overall, she is committed to supporting AAPI’s legislative efforts to make healthcare better and affordable for all and to promote charitable activities globally.

As a leader in healthcare, Dr Gotimukula recognizes that “AAPI has power. We have the rightful respect and trust of our communities in all corners of America. AAPI will leverage the power of our purpose and our networks to help address the specific challenges of delivering affordable health care.

Besides Dr Gotimukula, there were many other members of the team. The new executive committee, made up of Dr Ravi Kolli, president-elect; Dr Anjana Samadder, vice-president; Dr Satheesh Kathula, secretary; Dr Krishan Kumar, treasurer; Dr Kusum Punjabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Dr Soumya Neravetla- President, Section of Young Doctors; and, Dr. Ayesha Singh, Chair, Section of Medical Students / Residents and Fellows.

President-elect Dr. Ravi Kolli is a board-certified psychiatrist with additional qualifications in addiction, geriatrics, and forensic psychiatry, and is the Psychiatric Medical Director of Southwestern Pennsylvania Social Services.

During his speech, Dr Kolli said: “In my role as President-elect of AAPI, I will work closely with the entire AAPI leadership to make AAPI a more dynamic organization. and dynamic playing a meaningful and relevant role in advocating for health policies and practices that serve the best interests of all patients and promote the physician’s role as a leader in the delivery of team health care ”, explains Dr Kolli.

He added, “I want to focus on tackling the stigma of mental illness and accessing quality mental health care in general. We will also actively promote physician wellness and personal care to address the challenges of physician burnout and suicide.

Dr Kusum Punjabi was appointed Chairman of the AAPI Board of Directors on July 4. She will be the youngest to hold this position in AAPI’s 40-year history and the first person to attend medical school in the United States.

Dr Punjabi received his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in Biology and Economics and graduated with High Honors as the Henry Rutgers Fellow. She then completed the MD / MBA program at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Rutgers Business School.

Dr Punjabi said, “My goal as Chairman of the Board is to develop sustainable programs within AAPI that promote professionalism, unity, mentorship and inclusion. I want patients to know the value of the care they receive from our ethnic group and our mission to promote the safest and best healthcare practices for our patients.

Dr Anjana Samadder, Vice President of AAPI, said: “My journey with AAPI over the past 20 years has taught me many lessons, skills and shaped me to take more responsibility in the organization. . My ordeal with Covid -19 was tough, but it also made me strong, resilient and tenacious. I will bring to the organization the level of commitment, hard work, experience and skills necessary to achieve the various goals of AAPI and its members.

Dr. Samadder has demonstrated great leadership qualities that she has demonstrated during her tenure as Local President (Central Ohio), Regional Director (Ohio and Michigan) and National Treasurer of AAPI.

His vision for AAPI is “to help build an ethically strong, morally upright and financially responsible organization.” It is also vitally important to bring in the diversity essential for the AAPI to continue to thrive. “

Dr Satheesh Kathula, Secretary of AAPI, said: “I want to make sure that I will sincerely work for the betterment of our beloved organization, AAPI. A board-certified hematologist and oncologist in Dayton, Ohio, practicing medicine for nearly two decades, Dr. Kathula is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wright State University-Boonshoft School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio.

Recipient of multiple community service / awards, Dr Kathula wishes to “make AAPI a mainstream organization and work on issues affecting physicians, including physician shortage, burnout and accreditation, while leveraging the strength of 100,000 doctors at the legislative level.

Another area in which he wishes to work is “to encourage and involve the next generation / young doctors in the activities of AAPI.” While working closely with other physician organizations such as WADA.

Dr. Krishan Kumar, AAPI Treasurer said, “I am honored to be elected National AAPI Treasurer. As an organization, AAPI is committed to increasing the knowledge base of young physicians, enhancing their careers and enabling them to play a key role in health care advocacy and community service.

He is a pediatric emergency physician in East Meadow, New York and is affiliated with several area hospitals. Recipient of the prestigious Parvasi Bharatiya Diwas Award, Dr Kumar served as Chair and Program Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Nassau University Medical Center from January 2017 to April 2019.

The growing influence of physicians of Indian descent is evident as more and more physicians of Indian descent are in critical positions in health, academia, research and administration across the country. .

We physicians of Indian descent are proud of our great accomplishments and contributions to our homeland, India, our adopted land, the United States and, most significantly, to the transformation of Indo-American relations.