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Do we want to end our democratic system?


Posted: 10/18/2021 07:00:15 AM

It’s time to make the decision of your life. As former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan taught us, “You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” However, it seems that millions of our fellow citizens strongly believe that many of us are allowed to have our own facts. Former President Trump heads this group which believes Joe Biden’s election was due to massive electoral fraud. Trump supporters know in their hearts that their leader is truly the duly elected president. This radical difference in what constitutes truth has led us to such an intense national crisis that we are in the greatest threat to our democratic system since Fort Sumter.

Our founders were committed to the concept of majority rule. Throughout our history as a Republic, we have kept this faith alive. Only the civil war interrupted our long history as a Republic. Now that we are witnessing the radical challenge to our faith in democracy, we must face this crisis and either stay true to our democratic tradition of voting or help usher in a new system of growing autocracy based on a massive lie. Perhaps my understanding of Moynihan and our history and what I see around me in our country is imperfect and not rooted in reality. However, if you agree with me, choose your side and work to rebuild our democracy or get used to a new political system of autocracy.

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