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Chinese company By-Health launches world’s first personalized personalized vitamin concept product, leader in industrialization of precision nutrition


On December 19, By-Health took the lead in launching the first personalized personalized vitamin concept product at the “Intelligent Definition of Nutrition” conference, which brought new breakthroughs in related research and development in the field of precision nutrition. Hundreds of guests, including Randy W. Schekman, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, attended the release of the Concept Products and became the first batch of future nutrition experimenters.

As the first personalized personalized vitamin concept product, it is also the first personalized vitamin solution, which means that the future health of human beings is heading into a new era of “personalized personalization”, which is to be expected. of great importance for improving the quality of human health and life.

It is reported that this product is primarily marketed by By-Health, a world leader in dietary supplements from China, after years of research. Since 2016, precision nutrition research has been conducted, and Chinese company By-Health is constantly exploring ways to achieve precision nutrition. The final landing and transformation of this cutting-edge scientific research and development will promote the development of the global healthcare consumer market in the direction of precision and personalization.

Tailor-made vitamin products

Personalized and personalized vitamin concept products lead to new breakthroughs in precision nutrition.

With the improvement in global public health awareness and the development of the nutrition market, more and more companies are starting to set up specific nutrition activities. However, due to a series of challenges such as lack of data, high technical difficulties, and high research and development costs, precision nutrition research and transformation is still in the exploratory stage.

By-Health, a Chinese company, built the first fully automatic online dry spot detection center in China, and processed and developed the first customized vitamin production equipment equipped with basic algorithms, which achieved detection and a comprehensive assessment based on three dimensions of diet and lifestyle. analysis, phenotypic analysis and genotypic analysis. Based on precise multidimensional analysis, the individual needs of 9 vitamins and 8 trace elements were analyzed by dry spot detection technology. Online tools are used to provide test reports, generate personal nutritional portraits and rapidly produce exclusive personalized vitamins, forming for the first time a complete closed loop of “detect-assess-intervene-follow”, thus achieving the transformation. the application of precise nutrition. .

Nine types of vitamin data were detected based on dried blood spots.

It is understood that the personalized personalized vitamin concept product released by By-Health contains more than 50 2mm vitamin tablets in each capsule. It is this extreme production process that allows a capsule to obtain over 50 million types of nutrients. What’s even more exciting is that one pill per day can be targeted to supplement the nine vitamins that individuals need for a day.

Zhang Xuguang, executive dean of the China By-Health Nutrition and Health Research Institute and director of the Science and Technology Center, explained that the personalized vitamin research project lasted five years and invested more than 10 million yuan. It has partnered with top research institutions in the world such as the Lovett Institute at the University of Aberdeen, Germany BASF, and over 100 experts in medicine, nutrition and other fields, and has established a database, evaluation system, algorithm model, etc. research on the elements of detection of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in dry blood stains through extensive hospital cooperation.

Executive Dean of By-Health Nutrition and Health Research Institute and Director of Science and Technology Center-Zhang Xuguang

“The search for personalized solutions based on precise nutrition can further improve the quality of life of individuals. Previously, international research on precision medicine and nutrition had some results, but more efforts are needed to formulate precise nutritional strategies suitable for different individuals. He expressed concern about the precise personalized and personalized vitamin nutritional solution released by By-Health and was willing to participate in the follow-up academic discussion, ”said Randy W. Schekman, Nobel Prize winner in medicine.

Randy W. Schekman, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Accurate nutrition has become the frontier and research hotspot, leading the development of global human health research.

Nowadays, vitamins have become an important substance known to all, essential nutrients for sustaining life, which are used in many areas of human life. However, the century-old exploration of nutrition still takes place in a unique form of vitamin C, vitamin B or complex, etc.

Zhu Danpeng, China Whole Food Industry Analyst, said, “The official launch of the world’s first personalized personalized vitamin undoubtedly marked a major ‘milestone’ in the century-old history of global nutrition and has provided new direction for the world journey of exploring nutrition.

Today, precisely positioned products that meet consumer goals are also the most likely to resonate with consumers. GlobalData shows that 43% of consumers prefer products “tailor-made” for them, and 58% of consumers are still influenced by the fit between products and needs or personalities when choosing food.

According to the China Food News report, the personalized nutrition industry is emerging as a hot direction pursued by health food companies. Statistics show that by 2040, the global personalized nutrition market scale could reach 64 billion US dollars (about 417 billion yuan).

Lin Zhicheng, CEO of China By-Health, said that personalized and personalized vitamin concept products are the first practice to achieve precise nutritional intervention. The long-term goal of By-Health Scientific Nutrition is to achieve comprehensive health intervention, including precise nutritional intervention, homeostasis health, and many other cutting-edge studies are being promoted. In the future, By-Health will continue to bring new experiences to healthy human life through scientific nutrition.

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