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ChemImage, Compentex receives a grant from the BIRD Foundation


Foundation promoting U.S.-Israeli collaborations funds project to advance drug identification and delivery system

PITTSBURGH, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ChemImage, a leader in molecular chemical imaging technology, is pleased to announce that the Binational Foundation for Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) is investing $950,000 to develop NurseSpace, an innovative drug identification and delivery system.

The brainchild of Israeli start-up Compentex LTD, NurseSpace’s early development and proof-of-concept successes are the result of a fruitful collaboration with ChemImage. By enabling multispectral analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, NurseSpace has been developed to prevent all relevant medication errors and ensure the correct administration of medication to each patient. By safely monitoring, dosing and dispensing prescribed medications, healthcare facilities can enhance existing solutions to prevent the errors that can matter in patients’ lives.

“We are delighted to work with Compentex and help them improve patient safety around the world,” said John Belechak, Chief Revenue Officer of ChemImage. “We look forward to an engaging and fruitful relationship.”

“The grant will allow us to spur the development of NurseSpace for market distribution in the United States and Israel“, said Dr. Vadim Zelikman, CEO of Compentex. “We are excited to move forward with our R&D efforts and continue the hard work needed to bring NurseSpace to market.”

The collaboration between ChemImage and Compentex was made possible by 412×972 Pittsburgh Israel Innovation (www.412×972.com). ChemImage has been working with 412×972 since 2020. “When Vadim, CEO of Compentex, introduced me to his product design, I knew ChemImage could help improve the performance of this product,” said Gal Inbar, Executive Director of 412×972. . “It took a lot of time, effort and focus to secure BIRD funding, but it was definitely worth it.”

About ChemImage Corporation

ChemImage is committed to empowering the world with intelligent, real-time, autonomous chemical imaging technology to enhance situational awareness and user decision-making. The company’s proprietary and state-of-the-art chemical imaging sensors, algorithms and computer vision analysis software enable medical device, pharmaceutical and life science companies, as well as security professionals and law enforcement, meet challenging health and safety needs with Awareness of Things® (AoT®). With state-of-the-art chemical imaging technology and advanced software and algorithms, ChemImage strives to bring a new level of situational awareness to people in their daily lives. www.chemimage.com.

About Compentex

Compentex LTD is an Israeli start-up that is developing an innovative platform to prevent medication errors using new multispectral identification systems and algorithms. To date, the startup has successfully advanced a proof-of-concept system that includes both hardware and software components.

About 412×972

412×972 Pittsburgh Israel Innovation Creates Profitable Economic Bridges Between Pittsburgh and Israel. 412×972 exploits the synergies between the Pittsburgh and Israel business ecosystems and identifies specific opportunities through scouting, business development and other programs to create benefits for both communities.

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