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Are you an artist from East Auckland?


Musician Amy Wang will perform at the East Auckland Youth Center on June 18 (11am-1pm). The project is funded by Arts Out East.

Arts Out East (AOE) is an initiative funded by Howick Local Council which supports and assists creative artists from local communities to produce and promote arts and culture events and projects.

Tilted as the first of its kind in East Auckland, AOE offers artists of all forms – from photographers to comedians – opportunities to showcase their talents, organize projects and develop experiences of participation and creativity.

AOE broker Briana Wolliams helps artists connect with organizations and businesses – “I do whatever helps them along the way before it (the project) gets funded” – and fellow artist Ashley Grogan manages and supports artists in their projects if funded to help deliver it successfully.

“We meet with creatives and say, ‘What do you want to do in East Auckland?'” says Wolliams. “We are looking at how to achieve this. It is our funding that we give them (for the projects).

The creatives are managing the project, Grogan says. “We are just that support system for them and help them connect with other creatives and businesses to make the project more viable.”

Past projects that have been funded by AOE include local artist Wendy Hannah’s Camellia Project, The Knitted Christmas Tree and NZ Love Dance: Dragon Boat Festival.
Recent projects include vocal performances by Amy Wang and “Draw and Listen” sessions by mother-daughter team Megan and Greta Umbers.

Supported by Te Tuhi and Howick Local Board, AOE’s funding rounds fall within Auckland Council’s financial year from July to June next year.

“In the current fiscal year, 14 projects have been completed or are nearing completion,” Wolliams says.

“But (in total) our network of artists is about 50.”

AOE also connects local organizations and rental locations.

If you work, play or live in the Howick neighborhood and want more information, visit www.artsouteast.org.nz. Their social networks are aware of their projects and their artists.