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Amjad: the new year marks the start of the state’s electronic death registration system


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) Health Statistics Center has launched a new electronic death registration system that will allow deaths to be recorded and categorized electronically on the 1st January.

Dr Ayne Amjad

WV DAVE, or Vital Events Database Application, began phasing in on Saturday. The DHHR said in a statement that to ease the transition from reporting deaths to an electronic registration system, the Health Statistics Center will offer a 60-day grace period for health care providers with a full transition on March 1.

“We have a 60-day grace period during which people, if they have not yet registered, can submit paper death certificates,” said recently Dr Ayne Amjad, head of public health and commissioner of the DHHR Public Health Office.

During the current period, providers can start using the system on January 1 with the Health Statistics Center providing online training and technical support.

The current process for registering a death certificate in West Virginia involves information being completed on paper and filed via US Mail between funeral homes, medical certifiers, or medical examiners, and the Health Statistics Center for the registration of records, said the DHHR.

The electronic process reduces the time required to complete a file and transfer it to the next step in the process; however, this does not mean that the deaths will be recorded immediately. Under the state code of W. Va., A death certificate must be medically certified by a physician, but cannot be produced immediately by the physician.

“The electronic system will create efficiency, dramatically reduce errors and shorten the time it takes to register deaths in West Virginia,” Amjad said in a statement.

“The new electronic process will also improve punctuality and eliminate redundancies in reporting COVID-19 deaths, which will improve the state’s ability to monitor trends in mortality. We would like to thank the funeral homes, medical certifiers and forensic pathologists who participated in the pilot tests of the WV DAVE system in November.

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