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Almost 6,000 mentors needed for tnAchieves program | Education


NASHVILLE – With less than two months from the Dec. 3 deadline, tnAchieves needs an additional 5,900 volunteer mentors across the state to support TN Promise candidates from the Class of 2022.

Sullivan County needs 158 mentors to reach its goal of 218, while Hawkins County needs 50 mentors to reach its goal of 77.

TN Promise, in partnership with tnAchieves, allows every high school graduate the opportunity to attend community or technical college tuition-free with the support of a mentor.

Mentors spend one hour per month assisting students in their transition from high school to college. In 2022, mentors will have the choice of serving their students virtually or in person depending on the mentor’s preference.

Many of the students applying for the scholarship will be the first in their families to attend university. Mentors work with students to overcome barriers that previously prevented students from accessing higher education. In 2022, mentors will play a critical role in helping to reverse negative enrollment trends caused by the pandemic.

“The class of 2022 faced countless obstacles and challenges in their quest to graduate from high school,” said tnAchieves director of mentors Tyler Ford. “TnAchieves mentors provide the personal support and encouragement many students need to ensure their transition to college is a smooth one as they begin their post-secondary careers motivated and ready to reach their full potential. “

Graham Thomas, Deputy Director of Partnerships and Government Relations at tnAchieves, said, “Ultimately, there is no substitute for a committed and caring local support system. Our mentors offer support to students who would otherwise have nowhere to turn for guidance throughout the college admissions process! “

Mentors will receive online training and a manual to help them navigate the program. Volunteers will also receive weekly updates from tnAchieves and have access to its staff with questions and concerns.

Potential mentors must be 21 years old and go through a background check. For more information or to apply you can go in line To http://www.tnachieves.org/mentors or contact Ford at (309) 945-3446 or [email protected]