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Adrian Silenieks Launches First Live Digital Transformation Framework


Amsterdam, Netherlands – January 25, 2022 – Adrian Silenieks has announced that he is making his transformation framework available to the public. Until now, digital transformation was only available to large companies, which leading business consultancies were doing behind closed doors.

Over the past decade, Adrian and his team have transformed a slate of global businesses and helped scale them into the digital marketplace. It has now brought together best practices into a holistic digital transformation framework that details every step of transforming business for the digital marketplace.

When asked what digital transformation is, Adrian replied, “Digital transformation is the process of creating a new or transformed business environment to better respond to constant change, disruption and innovation on the market.”

The “butterfly framework” will guide a business through a series of steps that will transform it from an analog business to a digital business. It consists of five steps (Collect, Ideate, Transform, Develop, Outreach). Each step has a to-do list with detailed descriptions, resources, and to-do lists, and it contains everything the business needs to perform a complete digital transformation.

Adrian continues: “I wanted to share this framework with the world by publishing a book, but the digital market is changing so quickly that half of the practices are out of date by the time it is published. That’s why I’ve consolidated all of this information into a digital format that my team and I update weekly. Making it the world’s first live digital transformation framework.

This framework is available at www.butterflyframework.com

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