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A closer look at Penelope Garcia’s dark past


In the Season 13 episode “All You Can Eat”, we learn that when Penelope Garcia was 18, her parents were killed by a drunk driver. Worse yet, her parents had gone looking for her when she had passed curfew. The death of her parents sent Garcia on a downward spiral, in which she dropped out of the California Institute of Technology and became a full-time hacker, although she had a strong penchant for social justice as a result. she attacked companies she considered to be involved in wrongdoing. . This led her to the BAU and the Hotch buyout offer. During the episode, the team deals with a case without her as Garcia meets with her half-brother Carlos (Sebastian Sozzi) to discuss the upcoming parole hearing for Jesse Wilson (Chris Dougherty), the drunk driver who has killed their parents. Carlos asks Penelope to do the victim impact statement at Wilson’s parole hearing.

Wilson apologizes to Garcia and says he deserves to be in jail for the crime he committed and knows he can never make up for what he took from her and her family . In the end, Garcia makes her statement in the form of a speech demanding Wilson’s release, which creates a wedge between her and her half-brother.