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8 eco-friendly homes filled with sustainable design ideas


Manolo Langis

Earth Day is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to look at the importance of incorporating eco-friendly architecture and interior design into our daily lives. From creating compost, sourcing recycled decor and materials, eliminating the use of plastic and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to make the world a more sustainable place through your design choice. Discover here eight examples of ecological houses, as well as the ideas of the designers and architects who created them.

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Kevin Lenhart, Design Director of Yardzen, reveals that “85% of our customers indicate that they want low water plants in their garden. succulents and heavy gravel, we’re seeing an increase in unique water demands – smart designs that incorporate pollinator-loving plants and climate-adapted plants with a softer, more romantic feel.”

He adds that “requests to reduce or replace lawns have increased by 66% year over year. wise plants that support the habitat.”

This house, made possible by Pulled, was built into the side of a hill, providing natural isolation from the Earth. This sustainable trend refers to houses built into the earth, with one or more walls covered by the ground, protecting and insulating it. For this reason, earth-sheltered homes are less sensitive to outside air temperature and visually blend into the landscape rather than disrupt it. They tend to face south and leave the front of the structure exposed so that it receives the best possible light.


Consider the local environment

“There is greater demand and more opportunity than ever for sustainable homes. And there are so many ways homeowners can make green improvements with minimal effort or cost,” said Jessica Sommer , Vice President of Wedgewood Homes & Maverick Design.

“We plan with the local environment in mind, using native plants that grow with little water. use recycled fixtures and materials, use more lightweight roofs/cool roofing materials to reduce heat gain and cooling costs in states with warmer average temperatures, install water-efficient fixtures and windows to double glazing, and source local materials.

Located in Placerville, Colorado, Hidden Rocks Ranch features air conditioning powered by “a state-of-the-art ‘solar power plant’ with two large Kohler diesel backup generators.” Agent Bill Fandel has the list, and it’s still on the market if you’re looking for a move!


Be aware of your materials

Sarit Marcus, interior designer and founder of Minted Space, reveals that this home features “organic textures like reclaimed wood, raffia and natural fibers, [which] are balanced with clean lines and refined touches of marble, velvet and brass to demonstrate the versatility of elevated sustainable home design.” He adds that “the home itself has been completely renovated with sustainable construction before the design project.

Rejuvenated with environmental stewardship in mind, the home has Lauzon Pure Genius Smart flooring, which is the world’s first smart wood floor, as well as digitized smart shower systems, a smart irrigation system that uses the reclaimed well water, and more. »


Reduce your carbon footprint at home

Spacial Homes CEO Cory Halbardier says Beautiful house, “Having spent eight years in the solar industry, I’ve seen how our carbon footprint quickly affects our climate. That doesn’t preclude solving the challenges we have here, like housing; but it changes the ways we let’s solve these challenges.”

Such an example can be seen in California, which “has been at the forefront of green building codes in the United States and our Spacial ADUs go even further in meeting design requirements for LEED Platinum and many other requirements of the passive house. Space houses have superior energy efficiency, and the small amount of energy they use is compensated by the solar photovoltaic system on the roof.”


Don’t sacrifice good design

Duan HM Tran, a partner at KAA Design, explains the design of the illustrated dwelling, saying “a big part of our Tower Grove residence is about living sustainably with the earth and ensuring that we maximize the inherent opportunities that result from the thoughtful site planning of the house for better natural lighting, passive airflow through cross ventilation and optimized orientation to support our photovoltaic butterfly roof.


Water conservation

Senior Vice President of Sustainability at KB Home, Dan Bridleman, says “homebuyers are increasingly interested in water-saving features that reduce utility bills and help ease the strain on local communities. One way to support water conservation is to install WaterSense appliances, such as Moen faucets and Kohler toilets.”

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